About us

Resourceful Solutions Consulting, Inc. provides a full range of services for businesses, individuals, non-profits, and start-ups. We offer service and guidance with entity selection, bookkeeping, payroll services, compliance, preparation services; and basically everything else that has a direct or indirect impact on how much tax you need to pay and when you should pay it.

We are nationwide and our tax services go beyond what’s considered standard to help you plan effectively—and keep you from paying more taxes than necessary.

What we do

Your income tax preparations and tax situation are important to us.  We provide high-quality tax filings after consultation with you to determine the best suitable way to file your returns. Tax planning and monitoring are essential to avoid uncertainty or non-compliance. We are full-time service providers, not just seasonal tax return preparers, so we’ll be there when you need us.The tax laws are constantly changing in today's legislative environment. Our goal is to help you understand how the recent changes in tax laws could impact your individual, business, estate, or gift taxes.

Your business depends on accurate, timely, and complete financial information to not just make sound business decisions, but also to comply with various federal and state laws. Impeccable financial accounting and reporting help you gain a competitive advantage by having a full grip over your financial situation. It helps you draw a roadmap for future endeavors and avoid pitfalls.

We provide professional payroll services, QuickBooks access, monthly invoicing and financial accounting, financial analysis, and financial reporting services. When you work with us, you gain access to a team of professionals at many levels that can assist with your daily, weekly or annual financial reporting needs. We blend the best technology has to offer with experience, knowledge, and contemporary awareness to give you accurate financial reporting and precise analysis.

With our services, you can improve your cash flow and income, increase productivity and efficiency by letting us streamline your accounting system and financial procedures. We can help you with day-to-day bookkeeping. We will identify, classify, record, and summarize all your transactions according to their expense or category, saving you time and headaches to focus more on running your business.

Your business structure is vital in the percentage of taxes you pay and how your business runs.  Whether you are a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, S Corporation, C Corporation, or Non-Profit,  it matters! LLC is not always the first step for registering your business. AT RSCINC, we evaluate your plans, dreams, short and long-term goals for your business and compare them to various tax codes accordingly to determine the best structure.  We can verify your company name availability, file your articles, document filing with the Secretary of State, provide your certificates, EIN number, and get you up and running quickly in all 50 States.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you are faced every day with new challenges and have to continuously make decisions that can either make or break your business. Questions about what formation to chose, then manage to keep your company afloat while evaluating growth and expansion. 

Sometimes, having an experienced person to bounce ideas off and to guide you through the decision-making process can offer peace of mind. As your business consultant and trusted advisor, we aim to be who you look to first before making crucial business financial decisions.

Tell us your goals and business needs and we will help you accomplish what you need through the right plan that fits your needs and budget. We will provide an open line of communication and as many sessions, at intervals that best suit your needs.

Working with us means working to improve your operations and using best practices to get extraordinary results and success.

We are full-time service providers, not just seasonal tax return preparers, so we’ll be there when you need us.